Would you like to assist a Disabled Veteran to live a life of camping, nurturing and helping wildlife and people enjoy the wilderness? This page is for different ways you can DONATE to the cause. Cash isn’t the only thing that helps, any equipment, gift cards, free membership, repair or replacement items, new additions for the motorhome. All things would be generously accepted.

This can happen in many ways:

Private Donations:

GOFUNDME – Cash Donation for the purchase of the Motorhome – includes a ‘gift’ for those who donate. Also has a couple levels of Special Sponsorship. Click Image for more information.
PAYPAL – Simple Cash Donations that will be used for all things associated with the experiences to include, gas, camp fees, food, clothing, and anything else.
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EQUIPMENT OR GEAR – If you wish to donate a private piece of gear or equipment, or want to send a gift card or any other item. Please CONTACT ME to discuss the need and logistics. Thank you for you time.


Sponsorship is a partnership with a person, organization, or company that gives a certain amount or reoccurring amount or piece of equipment in return for anything from advertising, write ups, blog posts, or any other recompense.

For more information CONTACT ME